Many methods now refer to the correction of facial relaxation, both surgical and non-invasive. Time has shown that the Deep Plane Lift surgical method is the one with the most natural and harmonious result but also stability over time.

After years of practicing this method, I came up with the 4D Mini Lift, an innovative method that provides a solution to the fall of the cheekbones, the deep nasal grooves, the folds of the puppet or bitterness & the relaxation of the skin on the lower jaw. I named it 4D Mini Lift, because it gives a solution not only to the surface of the skin with the correct straightening and support but also because it replenishes the volume where it is needed, acting on the middle and lower third of the face and neck, just below the jaw. . .


The figure shows the points that are corrected / improved but also the axis of correction of the internal

structures (muscles & ligaments) to achieve the desired result. If only local anesthesia is used, a lifetime guarantee of up to 5 years is given. But if we add intoxication or general anesthesia, the sub

relationship for the stability of the result rises to ten years.

Postoperative rehabilitation depends on the method

anesthesia and in local anesthesia is 7-10 days. In combination with

intoxication and / or general anesthesia it will take up to 15 days.



4D Mini Lift