The  vrachionoplastiki  is the interference it faces the excess and sagging skin on the arm, which may be result in weight loss, age or preceding liposuction.

    The operation briefly

    In  brachioplasty,  the loose skin on the upper is removed


    and through part of the arm, leaving a scar hidden in the armpit or more often along the inside of the arm and up to the elbow. So the shape can be T or a straight line. The length of the scar will depend on the degree of excess skin. A pressure corset will be worn for 3-4 weeks and it is recommended to avoid sports activities for 4 weeks.


    The patient leaves the clinic the same day.


    The brachioplasty is done with an incision hidden in the armpit. When extended to the elbow, the incision is hidden inside the arm. These incisions fade over time. They will initially be pink in the first few weeks, but then fade to white. The use of a special laser but also special films and silicone gel will help a lot . Most patients will develop extremely good quality scars over time.

    Drugs / Smoking

    The  vrachionoplastiki needs proper preparation, like any surgery. 

    It is always better if you do not smoke. If you are a smoker try to quit smoking for 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery. If you can not quit smoking, you will definitely be able to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day to 5, which will significantly reduce the chances of complications (bruises, bruises, swelling).

    Do not take herbal medicines for about 10 days before surgery or for 3 days after (arnica etc.). Also avoid aspirin (salospir), 7-10 days preoperatively, and anti-inflammatory 3-4 days preoperatively. 


    The following are the most common but there are others that are mentioned in the international literature. 

    Wound dissection : mainly in large skin removal and is avoided with conservative skin removal.

    Skin necrosis : as above. It is usually treated conservatively with trauma changes and will rarely require reoperation.

    Serum color / collection : although drainage is commonly used, it occurs in the 2nd-3rd week. Needed needle aspiration or infrequent reoperation.

    Hematoma : as above.

    Deformed scars : usually due to high tension in the wound after extensive skin removal. It is prevented by conservative skin removal and proper preoperative measurements. It is corrected using a special laser but also special tapes and silicone gel.



    Postoperative Instructions: After Brachioplasty surgery

    Before and After Photos