Painless Abdominoplasty

    The  abdominoplasty  For patients having excess skin and fat or fissures in the abdomen, usually as a result of pregnancy or high weight loss after surgery on the stomach (gastric ring-gastric compartmentalization). Patients who choose abdominoplasty usually have a separation of the midline muscles, and suffer from further swelling in the abdomen.

    Painless Abdominoplasty

    The  abdominoplasty  does not lead to removal weight. It is done primarily to reshape the shape of the abdomen, and not as a means of treating obesity. It is often combined with liposuction to further improve the shape of the abdomen. 

    Especially painless abdominoplasty is achieved with the technique of minimal tissue intervention ( no touch no pain ). They used special tools in order not to disrupt the tissue and avoid microhemorrhages and use drains. Drugs of long local (analgesic and relaxing) action take care of the wound The surgeon ‘s movements are only the ones required to achieve the perfect result and therefore the surgical time and the anesthesia time are reduced .  In combination with the minimum required anesthesia drugs, patients wake up from the operation without pain but this continues in the following days. There is only a sense of grip as after physical exertion.

    Complete  Abdominoplasty

    Complete abdominoplasty is designed for patients with severe excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen. The fatty tissue and skin under the navel and up to the teenager’s scalp or lower are removed. The skin above the navel is lifted up to the sternum (to correct the muscles or a possible hernia) and the formed gap is sewn in a special way, so that there is a final incision inside the bikini. Its length extends as much as the fold formed in the lower abdominal wall when we bend forward. The navel emerges in its new position and is sewn.

    The advantage of complete abdominoplasty is that, before suturing the skin, we tighten the muscles with sutures to give a much improved midline. Another advantage is that the stretch marks, which are located from the navel to the teenager’s scalp, are also removed. For streaks / stretch marks that remain above the navel there are other ways of correction, non-invasive.

    Complete abdominoplasty is almost always combined with liposuction of the abdomen and the sides of the waist. In this way, the sides of the trunk empty at the same time as the center of the trunk and the result is harmonious and more feminine. 

    Painless AbdominoplastyMini Abdominoplasty 

    Mini abdominoplasty is designed for patients with a little extra skin and fat than normal, but not so much that they do a complete abdominoplasty. A narrow strip of skin and fat is removed immediately above the teenager’s scalp. The scar is slightly longer than the length of a caesarean section. The navel is not cut and is simply moved a little lower. Muscles do not have to be sutured. Depending on the body type, mini abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction . The advantage is that the whole part is not cut from the navel to the adolescent and therefore, the navel does not need to be re-sewn, and because the incision is smaller, the signs of the operation are not visible outside the underwear. Disadvantagethat liposuction does not replace muscle suturing or skin stretching. If skin tightening is required, especially around the navel, the only way is to remove the entire part from the navel to the adolescent.

     Whether complete or mini abdominoplasty, drainage may be required for a few days. A pressure corset will also be worn for 4 weeks. It is recommended to avoid routine household chores for at least 1 week (you will need help at home) and sports activities for 4-6 weeks. Depending on your body type, an overnight stay at the clinic may be required.


    The incisions are always hidden in the underwear. It is therefore important, in the preoperative preparation for the abdominoplasty, to plan the operation, with the patients wearing their usual underwear or swimsuit.

    The  abdominoplasty leaves incisions tend to heal very well and fade over time. They will initially be pink in the first few weeks, but then fade to white. The use of a special laser but also special films and silicone gel will help a lot . Most patients will develop extremely good quality scars over time.

    Drugs / Smoking

    The  abdominoplasty needs proper preparation, like any surgery. 

    It is always better if you do not smoke. If you are a smoker try to quit smoking for 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after surgery. If you can not quit smoking, you will definitely be able to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day to 5, which will significantly reduce the chances of complications (bruises, bruises, swelling).

    Do not take herbal medicines for about 10 days before surgery or for 3 days after (arnica etc.). Also avoid aspirin (salospir), 7-10 days preoperatively, and anti-inflammatory 3-4 days preoperatively. 


    The following are the most common but there are others that are mentioned in the international literature.

    Wound dissection : mainly in large skin removal and is avoided with conservative skin removal.

    Skin necrosis : as above. It is usually treated conservatively with trauma changes and will rarely require reoperation.

    Serum color / collection : although drainage is commonly used, it occurs in the 2nd-3rd week. Needed needle aspiration or infrequent reoperation.

    Hematoma : as above.

    Bleeding : very rare but requires immediate reoperation.

    Deformed scars : usually due to high tension in the wound after extensive skin removal. It is prevented by conservative skin removal and proper preoperative measurements. It is corrected using a special laser but also special tapes and silicone gel.

    Excess skin : at the ends of the incision and appears after 4 weeks, after the tissues relax and the swelling goes away. It is corrected with a small removal with local anesthesia.

    Painless Abdominoplasty

    Postoperative Instructions: After Abdominoplasty

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